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When minor alterations in your dentition go uncorrected it can lead to more than simply an unappealing smile. As the years go by two of your teeth could start to excessively wearing on one another. This can cause a gradual erosion of dental structure on one of the teeth.

In time the area of dental attrition could start to trap bacterial residue fostering a large cavity. Since the tooth has already been compromised the tooth decay could spread quickly to threaten the sensitive internal tissues of the tooth.

It’s also possible for dental attrition to alter the structural integrity of the tooth. This could increase your risk of suffering a significant dental fracture.

The severity and location of the dental attrition will influence the treatment options Dr. Reeve Abraben presents.

A small area of dental attrition might be repaired with a basic amalgam or composite dental filling. If the area of dental attrition is large, Dr. Reeve Abraben might need to fully replace the entire tooth enamel layer with a dental crown. This will create a perfect replica in an alternate material such as gold, dental-grade porcelain, or a metallic alloy.

Afterward, Dr. Reeve Abraben might also use a special dental drill to perform a minor dental contouring. This simple treatment will remove a small amount of tooth enamel from the offending tooth to reduce future wear and tear.

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