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When tooth decay affects a tooth, the bacteria will inevitably start to spread. Without professional treatment at Lake City Family Dental Center, PA, the bacteria could invade the root and socket of the tooth. When this happens, the chances of an infection developing in the gums continues to increase. In time, this could cause a dangerous abscess to form within the gums and socket.

This often results in significant discomfort, pressure and pain the tooth and gums. If you continue to evade professional treatment, the abscess could lead to a life-threatening blood infection known as septicemia.

If it’s caught early enough, a minor abscess might be treated by antibiotics and other non-invasive treatment methods. In the case of an acute infection, Dr. Reeve Abraben might recommend surgically extracting the abscess and other compromised tissues to prevent the bacteria from spreading.

If full sedation is required, you will need to arrange to have someone drive you home after the treatment.

Dr. Reeve Abraben might prescribe postoperative antibiotics or anti-inflammatory or pain management medication, depending on the severity of the abscess. Your oral surgeon will provide you with any other necessary aftercare measures to prevent complications while your gums heal.

If you live in the Lake City, Florida, area and you have a tooth or gums in distress, you should not delay in calling 386.752.1342 to seek professional diagnosis and treatment at Lake City Family Dental Center, PA.