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Have you been experiencing bad breath recently? There may be a number of reasons causing your odorous breath. Here at Lake City Family Dental Center, PA, we want to give you solutions to your bad breath today. Here are some possible causes:

– Bacteria; your mouth already has bacteria in your mouth and more bacteria gets leftover from food, often left for a long amount of time, giving it time to feed on the leftover food and grow.

– Dry mouth; there may not be a sufficient amount of saliva in your mouth. Saliva is constantly working to clean your mouth, but if you don’t have enough, your mouth isn’t cleaning as much as it should be. Dry mouth can be the result of certain medications, breathing through your mouth, or possibly gland problems.

– Gum disease; if bad breath is very consistent, it may be sign for gum disease, caused by plaque.

– Food; any number of foods can cause bad breath but food stuck in the teeth can cause further odor.

– Tobacco and/or smoking; smoking gives you bad breath, affects your ability to smell as well as putting you at a higher risk of health-related problems. Tobacco users tend to suffer gum disease as well as affecting your abilities to taste and smell. Because these hinder a user’s ability to smell, they may not know how their breath smells.

– Medical conditions; if your dentist has ruled out any mouth infections and you brush and floss daily, talk to your doctor about another possible cause.

Some solutions to getting rid of your bad breath or keep it at bay include:

– Daily brushing and flossing; brush twice every day and floss daily.

– Taking care of your tongue; use a toothbrush or tongue scraper to clear out any bacteria.

– Mouthwash; a temporary solution, do not use this as a substitute for brushing and flossing.

– Clean your dentures; take removable dentures out at night and clean them thoroughly before
their next use.

– Keep saliva flowing; chew sugar-free gum or candies, healthy foods requiring a lot of chewing (i.e. apples or carrots), or use an artificial saliva

– Quit smoking and/or tobacco; this will not only help your mouth but your overall health as well.

– Regular dentist visits; schedule regular checkups so your dentist can identify any gum disease or dry mouth problems before they result in further complications.

Speaking of regular dentist visits, call our office at 386.752.1342 here in Lake City, Florida, to schedule an appointment or consultation today. We will be happy to discuss what solution will be best for you, your breath and your smile.