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If you are looking to brighten your smile for Valentine’s day, there are options that can help. Today. we’re going to tell you a little bit about some common teeth whitening options. Let’s take a look!

-Tooth whitening strips and gels

These you apply onto the teeth using a brush or a thin strip. Typically, peroxide-based, these tooth bleaching agents generally need to be used once or twice a day for anywhere from 10 to 14 days. They often work up to four or more months.

-Tray-based tooth bleaching systems

This system involves using a mouth guard-like tray that contains a peroxide-based bleaching gel or paste which is worn over the teeth for one or more hours a day. Usually, this takes up to four weeks for best results. This kind of tooth whitening system can be obtained over-the-counter or custom-fitted by your dentist.

-Tooth whitening toothpaste

Did you know that every toothpaste helps take off stains from your teeth? This is because they’re mildly abrasive. But whitening toothpaste also has chemicals or polishing agents that work by scrubbing stains from your pearly whites without using a bleaching agent. They often brighten teeth by about one shade.

We highly recommend speaking with our dentist if you are considering teeth whitening. Bleaching teeth can make them temporarily sensitive, and if you have sensitive teeth, they can make you even more uncomfortable. If not used properly, home kits can also burn or temporarily bleach your gums.

If you are in the Lake City, Florida, area and are considering teeth whitening, we invite you to call 386.752.1342 at Lake City Family Dental Center, PA. Dr. Reeve Abraben and our team offer professional teeth whitening for a safe, effective treatment with beautiful results.