In some situations, dental issues may necessitate that our dentist perform certain types of oral surgery. These treatment options are rare and are used as a last resort to treat various dental problems. Our skilled dentist, Dr. Reeve Abraben, will perform these procedures with the utmost consideration for your well-being. Before any treatments begin, he will make sure that you are educated on the procedure and understand why it is needed. At Lake City Family Dental Center, PA, the goal of regenerative surgery is to repair and restore any damage caused by periodontal disease.

Bone Surgery
In order to regrow bone, Dr. Reeve Abraben will use a bone graft. This procedure uses fragments of your own bone, pieces of donated bone, or artificial bone to replace any damaged areas of the jaw. This encourages new growth to occur and helps secure teeth. Our dentist can also smooth shallow craters in the bone that were caused by disease. This prevents harmful bacteria from gathering in these pockets and causing additional damage.

Gum Surgery
Similar to bone grafts, our dentist can also perform a soft tissue graft. This helps reinforce the gums or replace receded gums. The soft tissue used in the grafting process is often taken from the roof of your mouth. Dr. Reeve Abraben will also perform flap surgery or pocket reduction surgery, which is a preventive procedure that helps reduce the areas where harmful bacteria can hide and cause damage.

Oral surgery in Lake City, Florida, requires consultation and planning. If you think that you might be a candidate for any of these procedures, call Lake City Family Dental Center, PA to schedule your visit to our office.