A lost tooth may not seem like a significant dental concern, but it can cause serious problems for your smile. Once a tooth is missing, the surrounding teeth begin to shift into its place. This affects your bite and places unnecessary stress on your jaw, which can develop into a more serious condition known as TMJ. Additionally, you can have trouble speaking, develop bone loss, and increase your risk of gum disease if a missing tooth goes untreated. As a solution to these problems, our dentist can fit the area with a dental bridge that will restore both the esthetic and function of the missing tooth. A dental bridge in Lake City, Florida, typically consists of a false tooth secured in the mouth by affixing it to a crown on an adjacent tooth.

Usually, a dental bridge takes only two quick visits to Lake City Family Dental Center, PA. During the first visit, Dr. Reeve Abraben will prepare the necessary teeth, which often includes removing a portion of the adjacent teeth’s enamel to properly fit the bridge. The dentist will then take an impression of the area so that the permanent bridge can be made and accurately replace the original tooth. You will then be fitted with a temporary bridge to protect the gums and teeth while a laboratory creates the permanent bridge. During your second visit to Lake City Family Dental Center, PA, you will receive your permanent bridge and learn how to properly care for it.

To learn more about dental bridges or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Reeve Abraben, call our team at Lake City Family Dental Center, PA today.