Crowns, or caps as they are sometimes called, are performed when a tooth has sustained damage to the point where a filling would not be adequate to properly restore the tooth. Teeth with extensive decay, fractures, or ones had been previously treated with a root canals, are all candidates for crowns. Sometimes, teeth are severely discolored, poorly positioned in the mouth, or damaged during their development can be corrected by crowning. This is referred to as cosmetic crowning. Dr. Reeve Abraben has done tens of thousands of crowns during his career and knows what constitutes one done correctly.

A crown is typically done during two appointments. At the first, the tooth is readied by the removal of decay and the placement of a resin core or posts. The tooth is then prepared by selective removal of tooth structure, and an impression is taken of the prepared tooth. This is sent to our lab for the fabrication of the crown. The patient will wear a temporary plastic crown until the final restoration is returned from the lab, which usually takes two weeks. It is then adjusted if necessary, and cemented into place.
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