Dentures serve as a replacement for missing teeth. Typically, dentures will replace the entire row of teeth, but they can also replace small sections of your smile. Dentures that replace all of the teeth are called complete dentures, whereas dentures that only replace a few teeth are called partial dentures. Lake City Family Dental Center, PA also offers flexible partial dentures, which use a flexible base that can adapt to the constant movement of your mouth. Additionally, we offer two ways to prepare dentures: conventional and immediate. As the name would suggest, immediate dentures are fitted right after any teeth have been removed. This style of denture will have to be refitted as the gums and bone heal. Conventional dentures are fitted after all of the recovery has taken place, so the dentist often has to fit dentures only once.

Dentures are typically made in a few visits to Lake City Family Dental Center, PA. During the first appointment, Dr. Reeve Abraben will take detailed impressions of your mouth to evaluate your jaw spacing and dimensions. From these measurements, the doctor will create models, wax forms, and plastic mock-ups to see exactly how the denture will fit. Dr. Reeve Abraben will then make any adjustments that he needs to, and shortly after you will have your final denture. It is important to be patient during this process so that you will have a perfect fit with the finished product.

Our team is happy to tell you more about dentures in Lake City, Florida. Call our office today to set up a consultation or to learn more.