Our dentist will use fillings to treat minor damage to a tooth. Fillings are most often used to repair cavities, but they can also repair cracked or broken teeth. To fix a cavity, Dr. Reeve Abraben will numb the area around the tooth, remove the compromised portion of the tooth, and fill the area with a composite or amalgam solution that will restore the normal function of the tooth. Lake City Family Dental Center, PA offers two different styles of treatment for those looking for a dental filling in Lake City, Florida.

Amalgam Fillings
One of the most common types of fillings is an amalgam filling. These silver-colored fillings are a mixture of mercury, silver, tin, and copper. There may be some hesitation about the inclusion of mercury in the compound, but the type of mercury that Lake City Family Dental Center, PA uses in our fillings are not poisonous and is essentially harmless. After the tooth has been prepared, Dr. Reeve Abraben will fill the area with the amalgam, shape the filling, and then polish the tooth to finish the process.

White Fillings
An alternative to amalgam fillings is tooth-colored composite fillings. This style of filling is a more involved process, but it has more aesthetic appeal because the filling will match the look of your natural tooth. After the area has been cleaned of the decayed substance, Dr. Reeve Abraben will apply the filling material in layers; after each layer, he will use a special light that cures the material. After the dentist has completed all of the layers, he will follow the same finishing process as an amalgam filling.

For more information about dental fillings and their uses, we welcome you to contact us today!