We want your smile to last a lifetime, but sometimes teeth need to be removed. Whether it is because of tooth decay, trauma, or any number of other reasons, our dentist may recommend a tooth extraction. In the past, tooth extraction was a painful and invasive procedure. With modern technology, tooth extraction at Lake City Family Dental Center, PA has shorter recovery times with less tenderness afterward.

Some of the reasons that may lead Dr. Reeve Abraben to recommend tooth extraction include:


  • Severe Tooth Damage—When a tooth cannot be repaired by other dental procedures, a tooth will be removed to avoid any additional damage.
  • Orthodontics—In a crowded mouth, teeth may need to be removed to allow space for teeth to adjust.
  • Extra Teeth—Sometimes extra teeth grow in and cause complicated issues. The extra tooth will be removed to prevent larger problems.
  • Malpositioned Teeth—If a tooth grows in awkwardly, our dentist will remove the tooth for functional or aesthetic reasons.


At Lake City Family Dental Center, PA, we understand that removing a tooth may cause some anxiety with our patients, which is why we try to offer the most pain-free option for tooth extraction in Lake City, Florida. Dr. Reeve Abraben and our caring team of dental assistants and hygienists will make sure you understand the procedure and feel comfortable with the work done. After a tooth has been removed, there are a number of specific guidelines for care, so make sure you check with Dr. Reeve Abraben if you have any questions.

To schedule a consultation with our dentist for tooth extraction, call our office today.