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If you are trying to create an aesthetically pleasing smile, it’s the little things you each day which results in a beautiful smile. And it starts by building a healthy oral foundation. Your teeth thrive when you brush at least twice each day for two minutes. Flossing works well if you do it at least once a day, and flossing before bedtime is a good time to clear away any food particles and bacterial plaque from between the teeth.

To help you create a healthy, beautiful smile, you want to floss correctly. Let’s take a look:

-If you are using dental wax or floss, start by pulling out a strip of thread around 18 inches long from your dispenser.

-Next, wind the floss around the middle fingers on both of your hands. You want to leave approximately an inch of floss open to floss each tooth with.

-Beginning from with the top teeth, push the floss section gently between each tooth as you go, with your index fingers.

-Then, slide the flossing section up and down against the tooth. Move up and around the gum line areas, in effect creating a C-shape around each tooth with the floss.

-Next, floss in between each tooth and behind the back of the tooth as well.

-Use a clean section of floss for each tooth–winding the used floss around your fingers–until all of your teeth are clean.

-Once you are finished brushing and flossing for the day, you might consider rinsing your mouth with antiseptic mouthwash to cut down on any harmful plaque which might lead to gum disease. If you are cavity prone, you can use a fluoride rinse to fortify tooth enamel.

Don’t forget to supplement your daily oral hygiene efforts bi-annual dental cleanings and exams. To schedule your next visit, please give our Lake City Family Dental Center, PA team a call at 386.752.1342. Dr. Reeve Abraben in Lake City, Florida, want to help you maintain your healthy, confident smile!