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Making correct food choices doesn’t just benefit your overall physical health; it’s good for your teeth! Here are some tips to follow for a tooth-healthy diet:

– Did you know that saliva can help clean your teeth? You can increase the saliva flow in your mouth after meals by chewing sugarless gum.

-Snacking between meals may increase your risk of tooth decay. Limit your snacks, and when you do eat, choose healthy foods.

-Avoid food high in sugar, starch, and acid, as these are the most detrimental ingredients for your teeth. Be wary of the effects of candy, potato chips, and citrus fruit.

-Foods high in phosphorus and calcium strengthen your tooth enamel, fighting tooth decay and dental erosion. A variety of meats, cheeses, nuts, and milk contain these minerals.

-Foods with a high water content can help clean your teeth, especially crunchy foods like apples. Watermelon,

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