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Acute or short term bad breath is usually caused by things like strong foods and pungent beverages. Even if you enjoy these things on a regular basis they can still be cleaned and your mouth refreshed by brushing, flossing and rinsing with antiseptic mouthwash.

Chronic bad breath, permeates your mouth with unappealing odors despite your best attempts at good oral hygiene. In some cases, chronic bad breath can be caused by other factors including serious medical issues.

Dry mouth is one common cause of chronic bad breath. There are several medications that cause a reduction of saliva in mouth. People who abuse alcohol also sometimes experience dry mouth as a result of its diuretic properties. You should talk to your physician about your medication options, or seek out an alcohol cessation program.

The tar and chemicals from regular tobacco use can leave strong and pervasive odors in your mouth. Trying to cover up these odors with lozenges and hard candy adds excess sugar to the mouth, which increases the chances of developing tooth decay. If you use tobacco products on a regular basis you should doctor about a cessation program.

There are certain medical conditions that can also cause chronic bad breath. People with uncontrolled blood sugar or undiagnosed diabetes often have sweet smelling breath. Foul odors in the mouth can also be a an indicator of an infection in the gums as well as certain liver and kidney problems.

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