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Do you know about dental bridges and how they can help you? If not, then you have come to the right place! Dental bridges are a great way to improve your smile and restore lost teeth. To help you learn more, our dentist, Dr. Reeve Abraben with Lake City Family Dental Center, PA in Lake City, Florida, has provided you with this list of information about dentures.

Benefits of dental bridges include:  

– Tooth Slippage: Dental bridges can prevent teeth from moving around.

– Space Maintenance: Dental bridges are effective for space maintenance and to remove gaps between teeth.

– Improved Speech: Dental bridges can help improve speech.

– Bite Stability: Dental bridges reverse the effects of bite distortion caused by missing teeth.

– Enhanced Aesthetics: Dental bridges can improve the look of your smile.

– Restored Dental Profile: A complete set of teeth is much healthier than a smile missing teeth.

– Improved Chewing: If you have issues chewing and eating food, it could be as a result of missing teeth.

If you still have questions about dental bridges, please call us today at 386.752.1342 to make an appointment to see if dental bridges are right for you. Our dental team is happy to talk to you about dental bridges and the best way to restore your smile.