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If you want to get the most out of your toothbrush, you need to know when it is time to retire it. You should replace your toothbrush every three months. If the bristles are worn out or flattened, or starting to droop like the fronds of a palm tree, it’s time for a new one. Kids often brush with more energy than adults, so they may need a new one more often than grownups. If your family has dealt with a bout of the flu, or a cold has made its way around your house, you may want to replace them, since bacteria can hide in the bristles.

Buying a toothbrush is not like buying a car a computer or refrigerator. First of all, they don’t cost nearly as much. Second, they don’t come loaded with options or need warranty. So there is no excuse for not buying a new one when you need it.

So what should you look for? Letting your kids pick out their own toothbrush can help keep them interested in brushing, so let them choose a toothbrush in their favorite color, or based on their favorite superhero or cartoon character.

Beyond the commercial appeal, your toothbrush should have soft bristles that won’t damage the enamel of your teeth. The head should also be small enough to easily reach every part of your mouth. The grips come in a variety of shapes, so simply choose the one that feels best to you. If you have trouble holding your arms up or have issues with your range of motion, you may want to consider an electric toothbrush.

Are you still on the fence about which toothbrush to buy? Our dentist, Dr. Reeve Abraben can help you make the call. For some professional toothbrush input or if it is just time for your regular cleaning and exam, call 386.752.1342 today to schedule your appointment at Lake City Family Dental Center, PA in Lake City, Florida.