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The new year is here, and with it comes many a resolution that won’t ever see Valentine’s Day. But here’s a simple one that you can make stick: take better care of your teeth!

To take better care of your teeth, pick the right tools. Choose a toothbrush that is the right size and shape for your mouth, allowing it to reach all surface areas of your teeth and gums. Floss will take care of the spaces between your teeth. Buy single-filament dental floss for this purpose, or talk to your dentist about alternative interdental cleaners.

To correctly brush your teeth, place your brush at a 45* angle to your gums. Use short, back-and-forth strokes to clean all the surfaces of your teeth, including the inside, outside, and chewing surfaces. To clean the inner surfaces of the front teeth, put the brush inside the mouth perpendicular to the gum line, and use multiple up-and-down strokes. You should brush your teeth twice a day, preferably morning and night. Some people also choose to brush after a midday meal.

Remember, proper brushing is a lifelong healthy oral hygiene habit! For more tips on preventative oral hygiene techniques, contact Lake City Family Dental Center, PA in Lake City, Florida at 386.752.1342. Dr. Reeve Abraben and our team look forward to hearing from you.