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As you may know, having bad breath is embarrassing and annoying. However, would you be interested in learning that bad breath could actually be a sign of more serious dental issues? Still, do you ever wonder if mouthwashes or even chewing gums are actually solutions you might want to consider?

Still, these different options won’t give you the same benefits. Of course, using breath mints and gum can freshen your breath, but would you be interested in learning that chewing gum can actually carry plaque and bacteria away from your mouth? Removing plaque and bacteria from your teeth can remove the bacteria that could lead to gum disease and bad breath. Still, did you know that it will be much easier to find sugar-free gum than sugar-free mints? This is important since bacteria feeds off of sugar and could lead to bad breath.

Still, there are several permanent remedies for your bad breath. This is important because mints and gum only serve as a temporary cover-up. If you have chronic bad breath, we suggest visiting our dental team as soon as you can. Flossing and brushing are also very important if you’re hoping to enjoy fresh breath.

To hear more about preventing consistent bad breath in Lake City, Florida, please feel free to contact Lake City Family Dental Center, PA at 386.752.1342. Our dentist, Dr. Reeve Abraben, and our team will be happy to address any questions you have and inspect your teeth. We’re excited to meet with you.