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The hygienist is an important part of our team of oral healthcare professionals. Dental hygienists have been educated and trained in college for their field, and must be registered and certified by the state to do what they do. Their primary calling is to diagnose dental problems and administer therapeutic and preventative care to our dental patients.

Dental hygienists use their knowledge and skills to help educate and then motivate our patients to improve their oral hygiene. You will be given a thorough interview to assess your oral hygiene routine. This may include how often you brush and floss, what kinds of cleaning aids you use (the type of toothbrush and toothpaste), and the kinds of foods you eat (diet) that may contribute to dental decay. Then, after a thorough cleaning is performed, all pertinent information will be passed onto the dentist.

Other responsibilities of a dental hygienist are:

-Scaling and polishing teeth and root surfaces to eradicate plaque and tartar.
-Administering medication and/or sedation for control of discomfort.
-Performing root planing for non-periodontal therapy.
-Taking x-rays and interpreting the findings.
-Teeth whitening application.
-The management and use of chemotherapeutic agents.
-Discuss patients nutritional needs.
-Assistance in orthodontic operations.
-Fluoride treatment applications.
-Relay all educational information to patients to improve their dental knowledge.

If you would like to speak to one of our dental hygienists about their job, call our helpful team at Lake City Family Dental Center, PA. Phone: 386.752.1342. Make an appointment or come by our office in Lake City, Florida.