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Bridge the gap in your smile with a dental bridge! This restorative treatment can help fix you smile to the look you want and the abilities you need. These abilities include the way you speak, the ways you eat and chew your food, enhance your jaw ability, and relieve stress on the joints. Here at Lake City Family Dental Center, PA, we believe in giving you the best dental treatment so you can return to your daily lifestyle.

There are three different bridge approaches your dentist will consider, which can include the use of your natural teeth, implants, crowns, and/or a combination of these options. Bridges can come in the form of a Maryland (artificial tooth bonded to surrounding teeth), traditional (crowns connected to both surrounding teeth), or cantilever (artificial tooth connected to a crown).

Depending on the type of treatment you and your dentist discuss, your new dental bridge will either be made with alloys, porcelain, or a combination of materials. The process is simple; a mold is made to get the best fit, and a dental crown is placed on each side of the missing space to hold the dental bridge in place. It usually takes two visits while waiting for the replacement bridge to be made.

When it is made, Dr. Reeve Abraben can then place your new dental bridge in your smile. Call Lake City Family Dental Center, PA today at 386.752.1342 to schedule an appointment or consultation with our professional staff here in Lake City, Florida. Our team is excited to help you regain the full use of your smile with a dental bridge!