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Between school, baseball practice, and gymnastics, finding time to teach your kids good oral health habits is a challenging proposition. Often, it’s easier to just let the dentist tell them twice a year that they need to brush their teeth.

However, it’s important that you teach your kids great oral health habits – from as young an age as possible. Let’s look at why that is.

Better oral health long-term

Research clearly shows that the earlier kids begin practicing good oral health habits is directly related to their long-term oral health. It’s recommended to have kids visit the dentist as soon as their first tooth appears, or before their first birthday, whichever happens first.

The cost of dental appointments that early on in life may seem cumbersome, but it’s far cheaper than paying for tooth restoration later in their lives.

Promotes systemic health

Years of studies show there is a direct link between your oral health and your systemic health. Bad oral health is linked to cancers, heart disease, and even lung and pancreas issues. If you want your children to have great long-term health, one of the best things you can do is help them establish great oral health routines.

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